Cecil Taylor
In Florescence
1990 - A&M Records (CD5286)

Personnel: Cecil Taylor, piano/voice - Gregg Bendian, drums/percussion/voice - William Parker, bass/voice

J. (Taylor) / Pethro Visiting The Abyss (Taylor) / Saita (Taylor) / for Steve McCall (Bendian) / In Florescence (Taylor) / Ell Moving Track (Taylor) / Sirenes 1/3 (Taylor) / Anast in Crisis (Parker) / Charles and Thee (Taylor) / Entity (Bendian) / Leaf Taken Horn (Taylor) / Chal Chuiatlichue Goddess of Green Flowing Waters (Taylor-Bendian-Parker) / Morning of Departure (Taylor) / Feng Shui (Taylor-Bendian-Parker)

Produced by John Snyder

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